The following is a list of books available from our Library.  Please check availability of titles at the next monthly meeting.

Title Author
A Manual of Beekeeping E B Wedmore
A Simple Two Queen System Ron Brown
A Taste of Honey Janice Charlton
Aids to Histology G H Bourne
Americas Beekeeper  
An Introduction to Bees & Beekeeping SBA
Atlas of the Honey Bee Eric H Erickson
Background to Beekeeping Alan C Waine
Beekeeping Kenneth K Clark
Beekeeping - A Seasonal Guide Ron Brown
Beekeeping Study Notes J D Yates
Beekeeping Up-to-Date Joseph Tinsley
Bees at the Bottom of the Garden P I Ganpion
Bees in the Pollination of Seed Crops Eva Crane
Breeding Better Bees John Edews & Eric Milner
Co-operative Honey Handling ESCA
Encyclopedia of Beekeeping Roger Morse & Ted Hooper
Fly With the Beeman (copy 1) Robert Couston
Fly with the Beeman (copy 2) Robert Couston
Guide to Bees & Honey Ted Hooper
Honey and Your Health B F Beck
Honey Bee Biology John B Free
Honey Bees A Guide to Management Ron Brown
Honey Farming R O B Manley
Honey in the Comb Eugene E Killion
Honey Plants Harvey B Lovell
How to Separate Wax From Honey John Hamer
Keeping Bees (copy 1) Peter Beckley
Keeping Bees (copy 2) Peter Beckley
Keeping Bees (Green Guides) Pam Gregory & Claire Waring
Microscopy on a Shoestring Owen Meyer
Milestones in Beekeeping-Swarm Trigger Discovered A E Mearthur
Oilseed Rape & Bees Allan Calder
Plants & Beekeeping F N Howes
Practical Beekeeping De Bruyn
Practical Beekeeping Arthur M Sturgess
Principles of Practical Beekeeping (copy 1) Robert Couston
Principles of Practical Beekeeping (copy 2) Robert Couston
Queen Breeding for Amateurs C P Abbott
Reflections on Beekeeping W S Robson
Sixty Years With Smoker & Veil Robert N H Skilling
Survey of Beekeeping Potential SAC
Swarm Control Survey E R Dent
The Archaeology of Beekeeping Eva Crane
The Life of The Bee (copy 1) Maurice Maeterlinck
The Life of The Bee (copy 2) Maurice Maeterlinck
The Social Organisation of Bees John B Free
The Stewarton Hive Will Messenger
The Swarm Arthur Herzog
Beekeeping In A Nutshell Series  
Starting Out Matthew Allan
Manipulations Matthew Allan
The Beekeepers Tool Box Matthew Allan
Basic Honey Processing Matthew Allan
Siting Hives D Asquith-Ellis
Moving Bees D Asquith-Ellis
Hive Products - Beeswax, Creams & Polishes BBJ
Protection of Honey Combs from Wax Moth Damage Jean-Daniel Charriere 
Solar Wax Extractor Reg Gove
Overwintering of Bees Paul Metcalf
Feeding Honey Bees Dawn Yates
Record Keeping for Beekeepers David Morris 
The Hive Carrier Brian Gant
Setting up, Maintenance and use of a Nucleus Micheal Mac Giolla Coda
A Simple Method of Raising Queen Cells Ben Harden
Nucleus Colonies Clive De Bruyn
Make Yourself a Nucleus Hive Capt. F Taylor
Weighing Beehives  
Ways of Removing Bees from Supers Graham Royle
Queen Rearing-A Basic Guide Ian Davidson 
African Honey Bees  
An Introduction to Beekeeping  
Bee Keeping for Beginners & Old Hands  
Killer Bees  
The Mysterious Bee  
The World of Bees & Wasps  
Vale of Leven Beekeeping