On 30 April 2011, we had 8 people who had attended our training courses during February & March at the Apiary to give them a chance to get hands on experience of opening a hive and finding and marking the Queens.

We were fortunate to have bright sunshine even if it was rather breezy, despite that the bees were quite docile.

The most encouraging  aspect of the day was that everyone felt less apprehensive about handling bees after the event than when they arrived."


Our club apiary was officially opened on the 14 June 2010 with the main objectives being to provide a source for new beekeepers to learn how to handle bees, rear additional colonies to supply bees to new members and also for beekeepers with only one or two hives to use it for breeding purposes, thereby reducing the risk of inbreeding.

We entered the winter with three hives and hopefully all will survive the winter and along with beekeepers and others enjoy a brilliant mild & sunny Spring.